Coco and Snoop Dogg’s Secret Relationship Exposed

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is a coco and snoop dogg news: We always keep complaining about global warming (this time the warming is between coco and snoop) and the world becoming hotter day by day.But did we ever ask ourselves the query why the scenario is such......well why it shouldn't be? People on this earth are doing all the hottest things everyday and we just accuse the nature....

Ya.....tell me when you hear that wife of ice t Coco have got a secret relationship with one of the biggest rappers on earth Snoop Dogg, how the atmosphere would become,I would say not hot at least,not even hotter,but surely the hottest earth shattering news or rumor whatever you call it. And believe the rumor around is something like that.

One of our very close entertainment insider claims that rapper Ice T suspected that his wife CoCo and rapper Snoop Dogg had an inappropriate relationship.Though Coco was once caught by Ice T sending Tweets and stuff to Snoop, and it just didn't look right, so he shut it down.

But our insider firmly claims that "CoCo continued [communicating] with Snoop. And I think they met up a few times - without [Ice T]." And according to the snitch, "It caused a problem in [their] marriage. But whatever happened, [Ice T and CoCo] got past it."

Now what's Ice T is gonna do when he comes to read all these again online.We are pretty much sure that the D.O.G.G will badly rap into Coco's world very soon.We know that coco and snoop dogg been good friends from the beginning but this intimacy is really gonna burnt out ice T for sure.

Now I gotta question ya all one stuff - Who cheats more - Men or Women? 


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Very interesting news.

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