A History Of Women Lil Wayne Has Slept With

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weezy loves the ladies. He’s already told you he wants to fornicate with every girl in the world…if they’re light-skinned. But is that true?Let’s take a look at the most infamous cakes Lil Wayne has chopped down

Toya - This is Wayne’s earliest (and darkest) lover. She also seems to be the one he was the most serious about. Their love birthed Weezy’s first daughter, Reginae, and the two were even engaged at one point. If Wayne has a skin preference, it must have come later.

Nivea - Nivea and Weezy also had a pretty serious love affair for a while until she went absolutely crazy. Since they’ve broken up, Nivea has seemed to fall off the face of the earth.

Trina – Wayne once rapped “I got a 305 dime I wanted ever since I seen her” in reference to his Miami ex-girlfriend. They had a cute little love until Wayne moved on and Trina went on to put her naked pictures all over the net.

Superhead - Wayne wants to bang every girl on the planet and Superhead wants to suck every tubular object on the globe. That’s a whole lot of germs floating around that bedroom.

Lauren London - We have no clue how cute, little innocent New-New got tied up with bad boy Wayne. But it happened and she got knocked up from it. Don’t worry, fellas, her body came back fine as ever.

Sarah Bellew - This random groupie hit the jackpot. She was in school but she can drop out now collecting child support that will make her rich for a long time. Who needs a job? Notice that these ladies have gotten lighter and lighter in complexion?

Tammy Torres - Mrs. Officer may be light, but she’s as thick as they come. If you’ve heard Lil Wayne’s new single, “6’7″‘, you’ll know that they are no longer an item. That’s good news for you guys out there.

Shanell - Wayne’s Young Money jump off was his last slice of cake he had before going to jail. We’re not sure if he’s hit it since, especially after the rumors flew that Drake also got a piece.

A Million Random Groupies - Who knows who else Wayne has banged over his years traveling the world. We don’t know what kind of skin color they have, but we’d like to wager that the guy that wants to have sex with so many women doesn’t turn down a chopperation that often.


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