Rumors about Prova’s divorce and suicide

Thursday, September 23, 2010

hot gossip is that, From the 22th September Morning many rumors are being spread about popular model and actress Sadiya Jahan Prova. In early morning a rumor get started that Apurbo divorce Prova. Some of our fans ask us on Facebook page about this rumor. Within some hour the rumors spread all over Facebook and internet.In afternoon a new rumor was spreading that popular model Prova committed suicide after getting divorce from Apurbo. After that this rumor become the talk of the country for the day. Everyone was asking about model Prova and her present condition.

Prova’s personal mobile  is switch off from some days that’s why we can’t talk to her personally. Then Apurbo talk about this issue and said, “Rumor, all are rumors. Prova alive and we are still living together and we will continue this.” He added, “This is the 5th rumors get started about Prova’s suicide after our marriage. Isn’t this influencing Prova to commit suicide by spreading these type of rumors?” He questioned about some newspaper’s responsibility for their over-interest on this issue. Some well wisher of Prova suspecting that Rajiv Hassan is behind of spreading such false rumors about Prova to influencing Prova to commit suicide.Apurbo confirm that Prova is now with his family at Uttara’s house and she is well. Apurbo requested all newspaper not to publish any fictional news about them.


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