POLITICS: Chavez Attacks Obama in Copenhagen, as Louisiana is Named Happiest State

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez took a nasty jab at President Obama on the last day of the Copenhagen climate talks. The final hour is always the best time for a coward to land a sucker shot. In other news, Louisiana was named the happiest state in the union. Yeah, shocked us too. And former 'America's Next Top Model' finalist Nik Pace is asking for a lot of money from her baby's famous daddy. Learn about all this and more in What You're Searching For Today...

Nik Pace – Making babies is an expensive thing to do. New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards knew that when he knocked up 'America's Next Top Model' finalist Nik Pace. That's why he filed for paternity in the state of Georgia when Pace gave birth to their child in August, according to the New York Post. But Pace wants more dough than the traditionally stingy child support laws of Georgia would allow. She's now suing the footballer, who makes about $5 million a year, in less stingy New York for $70,000 a month.

Happiest States in America – According to a new study that surveyed how satisfied people are with their lives, the happiest state in the US is... Louisiana? Researchers from University of Warwick in England and Hamilton College in the US polled 1.3 million people across the country between 2005 and 2008 to determine the results. Following Louisiana are Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee and Arizona. The least happy state is New York.

Obama Copenhagen Speech – The Wall Street Journal says President Obama's 8-minute speech at the Copenhagen climate conference "thrilled nobody" Friday morning. According to Newsweek's The Gaggle, the speech "went over decently – it was neither stellar nor awful." Big mouth Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez didn't agree. He took to the podium on the final day of the summit to say, "It still smells like sulfur in the world." He continued, "The Nobel Prize of War just finished saying here that he is here to act. Well, show it sir. Don't leave by the back door."




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