Crazy: Man Choked His Wife To Death During Sex

Friday, February 20, 2009

A British man is accused of STRANGLING his wife to death during sex .

Here’s how the UK paper the Daily Mail is reporting it:
Colin Scully, 53, denies murdering Tracey, 39, but previously admitted to police that he had strangled her after she shouted the name 'Paul' during a moment of passion at their home in April last year.

He said he believed his wife was referring to Paul Deighton — a man they met at a scooter club to whom she had been sending explicit text messages

Here’s how dude allegedly told on himself:
In his interview with police, [Colin] said: ‘I strangled her, didn’t I?’

James Sampson, prosecuting, said : “He denied meaning to have killed her, but what else could he have meant?”

'He knelt on her chest, causing bruising, and pinned her down crucifix-style to the bed, where he strangled her using one arm,' he added.

A post-mortem revealed that Mrs Scully died as a result of compression to the neck.

Some of y’all better start putting up CUE CARDS on the headboard … cause a slip up could be DEADLY!!!


Lob Eng said...

I thought it during SEX!

becky scully said...

aint you got owt better to talk about you set of pricks!!!



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