5 year old boy smoking-he wants to be in the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A COMPLETE INDIAN FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A crazy family in India has a crazy five year old boy who has started smoking since he was only three years old as told by his parents.His parents also said that the boy's smoking skills are quite dazzling and they have been encouraging him to do so.

Both the parents and the boy himself wants to enter the Guinness World Records as the youngest smoker ever but bad luck for him because a spokesman for Guinness World Records told Ananova they do not have records for smoking and avoid youngest person achievements. . .

Ahhh!!! Put that cigarette down now boy,you got young blood and there's no chance now you can enter the Guinness.Anybody seeing the pictures would say that he is been smoking for 20 years....LOL....but the fact is that if he continues to smoke this way then definitely it's confirmed that his life is not going to stay long when he reaches twenty.


Beijing Impact said...

There is a 2 years old smoker in China. Check this link~

Beijing Impact said...

Sorry, that link is http://www.beijingimpact.com/society/232-another-guinness-record-two-years-old-smoker.html

Mediafire movie said...

I liked the movie as well, but I'm sure glad I read the review AFTER seeing it. Do you really need to give away a key plot point that does not get revealed until two thirds of the way into the film



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