CELEBRITY: Doctor Warns Angelina Jolie - "No more Babies"

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The doctors have advised the most challenging star on earth, Angelina Jolie, to put her uterus down- yes you all got me right, she has been asked not to be pregnant or take anymore babies because if she goes for another one then she would be facing some severe and vital health risks.

We all know that her last two pregnancies ended up with emergency caesarian and difficulties.One of the insider told that, at least for a year, she shouldn't be getting pregnant or would be safer if she didn't get ever. As Julie have developed gestational diabetes, there is a risk of her getting a heart attack or a stroke and there is a great chance she will have it(gestational diabetes) back again which might be quite risky for the newborn because the baby might also have diabetes.


metro53 said...

Honestly! Who cares if she has any more children? Don't you think they have enough already? Why not put some money toward helping children living in shelters or help find missing children if you want to make a difference in the world? Or even focus on abused animals who need medical care and are in shelters. This couple has the financial ability to really make a difference instead of making more babies.



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