The brave dog saves another injured dog from highway - We humans should learn from it

Sunday, December 7, 2008

In today's world where there are so much of hatred and no care or love for each other at all, this heroic dog in the video has done something so great that even we human should be inspired and learn some lesson from it. In this world today we are fighting and killing each other whether individually or by means of terror attacks only for our silly selfishness and instead of loving each other and helping in time of need we are every now and then backing down.

Animals have levels of confidence, loyalty, insecurity, fear, and sympathy the same as humans or could be even more and when they show it, we become astonished. As there is an over population of the street dogs, it's quite normal to think that one can get run off anytime by a vehicle. But when you watch this awesome video, the most surprising thing that will catch your eye is the heroic action of another dog who tries to save him (the dog which is ran off) by taking him to the side of the highway.What a brave dog he was, and what a great way to save his friend?Even many humans wouldn't have done like this for their fellow man. The drivers could have stopped the car and let him go.But what did they do? They kept him running off proving once again how cruel we humans are becoming day by day.

We should be all inspired from the act done by this great and heroic dog and we should also learn not to fight and kill others but help and save our near and dear ones in times of need.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen anything like that. More humane than most humans, that's for damn sure.

Anonymous said...

the drivers wont even stop. whos more always thinking how people can see a something in the road and just drive over it. cant you see a moving object in the road when you are driving.



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