Sports: Football Player "Cassano" Slept with lots of Women

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We all know that football players are strongly restricted or not allowed to get into any sort of bodily love or sexual intercourse before the match. But an international soccer player seems to have broken all the barriers when he admits of having sex with around 600-700 women in his first autobiography.For Cassano, he is never joking or mocking when it comes to food and sex.

He talks about his significant affairs ("Four girlfriends in 11 years are not a lot") and about the others ("To make up for that, I've also had other flings here and there. Let's say 600-700 women, some twenty of which were from the entertainment world.") And he added: "I've often played a great match after having sex. Watch the 4-0 of the Roma-Juve match. I had sex that Sunday morning with one of the many friends I had at the time. It was even easier in Madrid because we were in a hotel, all on the same floor, so it was easy to invite whomever I wanted from upstairs or downstairs and meet her during the night. I had a friend who was a waiter. His job was to bring me 3 or 4 croissants after I had sex. He would bring the croissants up the stairs, I would escort the woman to him and we would make an exchange: he would take the girl and I would take the croissants. Sex and then food, a perfect night."

Now what about the other footballers?Well they might also have something similar to Cassano,but we can't know it now and would be better to wait for their autobiographies.




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