Should Prostitution be Legalized in San Francisco

Sunday, November 2, 2008

There are 2 main propositions-Proposition 8(to ban gay marriage) and Proposition K( to legalize prostitution) and these two issues takes center stage in a state where Obama will conveniently win.

We try to predict how each initiative will do, along with figuring out how many pictures of protesting prostitutes can fit in one post.Famous San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has come down hard on both proposed measures, supporting gay marriage with one hand and rallying against legalized prostitution with the other.

The Mayor says: 'If Prop K passes and is decriminalized or legalized,can you imagine living here? If people really knew what was happening in these massage parlors, there would be outrage." Say what?

The district attorney says, "it would put a welcome mat out for pimps and prostitutes to come on into San Francisco."Still, Prop K is getting some support from unlikely places,and also some well known prostitutes like Alice Brown and other are also in favor of Prop K.

"If it's decriminalized, the girls will have more rights, though it'll still be unsafe no matter what. The bad thing is that it'll bring more prostitutes out and that competition will make it harder on the girls who really need this work to survive."


Anonymous said...

gay marriage: its hurt no one who is not gay.
Why not legalisize?

Give the prostitutes legal rights similar to your plumber.
Legal prostituition works in other countries. Look&learn on other countries.

Anonymous said...

There is no good reason for prostitution to be illegal. I can't believe Gavin Newsom rallied against prop K. What an strange thing for such a liberal guy to do. Somethings not right about it. Of course it would have drawn a lot of prostitutes to SF but, exactly how would it have drawn any pimps there? A pimp is just a front man. If prostitution were legal, there'd be no need for pimps.

I think Gavin was paid off to rallying against prop K. Prosecutors, judges and police all have as much of a financial interest in keeping prostitution illegal as the pimps do. Our failure to pass prop K is keeping them all in business.

If prop K had passed, it might have been worth it for me to endure the traffic and congestion to come visit SF on my vacation. Now that I know the city is corrupt and the people are fools, forget it. I'd rather go visit Las Vegas.



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