Politics: Zardari Hopes-"Obama should reconsider the issue"

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari said, he hopes that the President-elect Barack Obama would reconsider the issue of having a military expedition for the existence of Al-Qaeda and Taliban in the Afghan border inside Pakistan.

The Pakistani government, mainly the president has always been under great pressure by the USA in restraining terrorism. But the U.S authority is very disappointed on seeing Pakistan’s failing role on this matter. Since August and until now there has been almost 18 military expeditions by the U.S military force in the possible suspicious terrorists regions. These expeditions were mostly made by some unknown planes from Afghanistan. Pointing towards the terrorists in Pakistan, Barack Obama have already said that, if he is elected, then the U.S would single-handedly attack on the terrorist regions in Pakistan if its government fails to control the situation.

Zardari thinks that the time has now come when there will be possible changes made on every issue by the U.S and this military expedition on Pakistan is a big matter to think of. So he deeply hopes that Barack Obama would give this issue a second thought and some reconsideration or pre-assessment is necessary.




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