Health: The result of having too much Plastic Surgery

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo shows when she was a teen before she took any type of plastic surgeries.

Photo after lots of surgeries done to her face

This is really horrible.We all know that excess of something always yields a bad result and if it has got something to do with your own face then it's really bad.Who would have thought that this lovely korean lady would totally destroy the look of her face doing what others do to look good?Yes you got me right,I am talking about Plastic surgery.

Well, Mioku was a very pretty looking girl when she was a teen and she had her first plastic surgery procedure back when she was 28. And, ever since then, the now 48 year-old has been addicted to surgery, having most of them performed on her face.

But, unfortunately for Mioku, having so many operations has left her face disfigured and oddly enlarged.After a while, her surgeons started to refuse to do any more work on her, and some even suggested she was suffering from some psychological disorder.She found a doctor who started to give her silicone injections. The idiot even gave her a syringe and silicone to take home so she could self-inject.However, when her supply of silicone soon ran out, Mioki decided to inject cooking oil into her face!!!

She was soon shown on TV as this news was spread and she got lots of sympathy and pity from viewers and sent in enough donations for Mioki to operate and reduce the size of her face.

During the first procedure alone, surgeons removed 60g of "foreign substance" from her face and 200g from her neck! After several more sessions, her face was greatly reduced but she was left scarred.

And now after all of this, Mioki says she would love to have her original face back.




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