Health: Premature death risk involves your Waist Size

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Everyone today is very careful about their weight and waist size,and why not, if there are lots of risk factors involved?A recent study has shown that the size of your waist can foretell your risk of suffering from early death.

This new study was based on 350,000 patients to see if their waist size have any links to premature death risk,and it was very surprising to see that it really was because the researchers found a direct link between early death risk and a person's waist size.Those who were at a higher risk were mainly men having a waist size of more than 47 inches and women having a size of more than 39 inches.People who fell into these groups had double the risk of early death compared to who aren't fat.And this is not the only thing to think of as it also increases heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer etc.Therefore the experts have urged the doctors to pay more attention to the waist size of patients.

So watch out and get serious now and do think about your waist size today because if you dont, then you're surely awaiting something very bad.Eat good--Be safe.




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