Health: Laughing and its Merits-Laugh more and keep yourself healthy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who doesn’t want to laugh on this earth? When you are cheerful, you laugh. When you meet something jokey you laugh. But do you know the benefits of laughing? Well if you don’t then let’s face it.

Do you know laughing is very good for our heart? It increases the blood flow to our heart & also smoothens the blood flow. Laughing makes the heart work more and as a result our working ability also increases. It causes the pulse rate of our blood to increase and also burn the calories in our body. 50 calories are burnt at every 10-15 minutes of laughing everyday. Not only it is a good exercise for our muscles, the muscles of our body up to the neck is stretched even. Laughing keeps the muscles of our shoulder, arms & trunk active. The facial muscles are also active at the time of laughing. It is the best remedy to get rid of stress, therefore it causes the level of stress causing hormone adrenaline and cortisol to decrease, and as a result the stress in our body subsides.

Did you know that laughing can cure many diseases? It is found that laughing makes the immune system stronger. The sugar level of our blood can be reduced by laughing. The stomach is also benefited by doing so. The digestive system becomes more efficient and the blood flow to the liver, kidney & spleen increases.

So why we should keep ourselves away from laughing when it’s giving us a lot of things and helping our body in different ways to keep it well? Therefore lets laugh and make others laugh as well.




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