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Monday, November 24, 2008

This lady in the picture above has got massive thighs that anyone can even think of. And that's how it looks like when "fine" turns to "fat"! She definitely must be having a medical condition. Although she is trying her level best working out day and night but it seems that the fats not going to leave her so soon.

What might be the reason she is having so fat thighs?

Normally males (xy) have genes that cause them to build up their fat high in the abdominal cavity, and very small in their extremities until they reach tremendous obesity. While
females tend to distribute their fats through their upper legs, rear end, and lower abdominal cavity and that could be a positive reason behind her fatness.

Another very important reason why you might have an increased thigh size is because if you are an active athlete, working your thighs by running, cross county skiing, rowing, rock climbing or whatever - you will develop muscles, and this will cause your thighs to increase in size but this does not seem to be in her case.

It's evident that this women has a serious medical condition and must try her best to loose as much weight as possible or else it might cause her to go to an early grave if she does not get the proper treatment.


Anonymous said...

Shes got some big hips.She should remove her fat by an operation or ELSE.



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