Celebrity: Jessica's Boobs caused Injury to her Buddy

Monday, November 3, 2008

Who would have thought that Jessica's huge boobs would be the reason for her stylist buddy Ken Paves getting injured by the Paparazzi camera?

Hair stylist Ken Paves is accidentally hit in the face with a camera and he ended up in the hospital.Ken was helping Jess out of the restaurant, when the sea of snappers crowded -- and in the insanity, one guy hit Ken near his eye with a part of a camera.With blood dripping down his face, Ken still managed to get Jess inside their waiting ride. Their driver then whisked the group to a nearby hospital, where Jess aided her friend inside the building.

The sad part is Ken Paves is gay, so he couldn't care less that he just took a Canon to the eye for Chesty LaRue. Talk about a recipe for pity sex going right down the drain. It'd be like getting your hands on a winning lottery ticket, then tearing it up and saying "Nope, I love penis."


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the snappers were really crazy.In fact who would lose a chance of taking pictures of jessica live,its a life time opportunity.about the boobs............lets not take the cat out of the bag.



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