Celebrity: Arab Sheikh Charged Micheal Jackson

Monday, November 17, 2008

The famous popstar megastar Micheal Jackson seems not getting rid of troubles these days.Today he got kicked out by a super rich Bahrain Prince Abdulla Al-Khalif,son of the King of Bahrain. The Prince paid Jacko $10 million to show up to his birthday party where the popstar behaved abnormally as seen on the pictures.

The Price sued Jacko for around 4.3 million pounds or $6.5 million for running out on a record deal and a breach of contact in London High Court.The Prince said, Jacko signed an elite deal for an autobiography, two albums and a musical and in return he also gave the popstar an £180,000 Rolls-Royce after Jacko's discharge on child-molesting charges in June 2005 and bailed out his Neverland ranch.So that means the Prince will be no longer funding Jackson, his kids and nanny in an extended stay in Bahrain.Therefore Jackson is no longer welcome to the unlimited generosity from the Bahraini royals.

Sources say that "Jackson is essentially bouncing around the United Arab Emirates looking for handouts,". But either way, Jackson's incapability to deal with reality and his monetary problems makes up a genuine house of cards. And it's all about to come crashing down.

Micheal is not expected to be at London’s High Court. C'mon Micheal, what has happened to you?Life goes on,be positive Man!!




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