Celebrity: Amy Winehouse Divorced Blake-Fielder--It's over Now

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's no more a rumor now as Amy Winehouse revealed the news to the world that her marriage to her hubby Blake-Fielder Civil is over.The guy is leaving her for German model Sophie Schandorff which is a important improvement on his part. She strongly said there is no way they would be together now and it's all over and she knew it was never going to last long because till now they had been together just for sex and nothing else.

A friend of Amy's also revealed that her sex life with Blake was as madly excessive as their rampant drug use. She even arranged threesomes which I'm betting involved a shitload of duct tape and hush money: They were even involved into threesome although it was Blake's idea but Amy never had a problem with that as she was used to women before. She told she had lots of female lovers and whenever Blake wanted to get into threesome, she used to fix it for him. Their mating not just covered general bondage or sex toys but really freaky stuff you couldn’t mention in a newspaper or to others.Both of them used to push themselves to the excessive limits whether in case of drugs or sex.

I would personally say that this mad women-Amy Winehouse, is the only women in the world who would still want to have a crazy sex even after the honeymoon.She should better leave that giutar and hold something that fits her hands.


Anonymous said...

She is one crazy woman.However Blake is very lucky to get relief from her.



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