Politics: Barack Obama gettting hearts from Redneckers

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who would have thought that Barack Obama would get some hearts from the Rednecks too? But this is no more just a thought as he is getting some supports from the Redneckers as well.

This is a bit unexpected.

We're sure most people figured that John McCain and especially Sarah Palin would have the "redneck" votes locked!

But, Barack Obama is getting some hold up from the Redneckers too!

Well, at least he has the vote of two rednecks.

Les Spencer and Tony Viessman are two self-proclaimed rednecks. They explain the term as "hardworking guys who like to hunt, fish, and maybe pop a beer or two."

Spencer adds, "I hunt squirrels, too. And I like eating turtles."

Eating turtles? Unfortunate little guys!

The two retirees from Rolla, MO, make up the whole, unaffiliated "Rednecks for Obama."

The two men have even traveled, using their own money, to all the debates and even the Democratic National Convention in the hopes of convincing others that "Obama is redneck-friendly."

Viessman adds, "This election is too significant."

A retired highway patrol officer, Viessman, was even so impressed that Obama was the first presidential candidate to visit Rolla since Harry Truman, that he went out and bought a 7 by 3 foot sign to welcome him to town. Adding, "Cost me 25 bucks."

And when asked why some rednecks might not be voting for Obama, he said, "Guns. And that he's black. Sometimes change is hard for people. But I don't care if you're black or Oriental or green, if you can do the job. And he can do the job. He's pretty near the smartest guy who's ever run for president."

Spencer added, "We are just trying to tell people that you don't have to be scared of Obama. He's not going to try to take away your guns, no matter what the NRA says."

And Viessman added, "My dad used to say, 'A poor man who votes for a Republican is a fool.' "

Let's hope everyone goes out and votes for the best candidate. Your vote will make a difference!

The best candidate is Barack Obama.




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