Health: Tea doesn’t cause you to turn black

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The benefit of tea is not only cutting-off the dullness of the morning sleep, but there are also many important things that we all must know. Tea has many good properties that help us keep healthy and fit. The idea of getting black and a change in your skin color if you drink tea is totally wrong and other people think that the skin gets rough, your liver is affected, there are black spots on your skin if tea is drunk. Well all these ideas and thoughts are totally baseless and have no value. But if tea is drunk in excess amount then you can expect some adverse reactions.

Tea contains Flavonoid which has antioxidant, and these are found vastly in both black and green tea. If this antioxidant gets more in your body because of having much tea then it keeps your heart more active. Research has shown that, compared to the antioxidants we get from fruits and vegetables, tea have much more of it. Not only tea contains more than 15 amino acids, but it also has vitamin B, Folic acid, carbohydrate for metabolism and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is very important for our body.

Therefore if we consider the benefits of tea and having it then there are lots of them. But we should also keep in mind that excess intake of anything for the body is not good at all.


Anonymous said...

Yes this is totally true.A few days ago I went to a doctor for my vitamin deficiency syndrome & he suggested that other than taking medicines I should drink tea 2 times daily.



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